Trash Head Productions is the collaborative effort of Mike Suchmann, Matt Lamourt and
Camille Viollet. It’s a courageous tale of three friends coming together, uniting their creative power to fight the forces of the mundane.

Their first project was a music video for the Long Island based indie band Oso Oso, which was premiered on Stereogum. Since then, they have worked on a number of other music videos, including two for Austin based band, All Get Out, which premiered on Forbes.

They also have ventured into the world of short films, spanning multiple genres. The first Trash Head film, “Ponožky,” (Socks) was shot on 35mm in the Czech Republic, featuring a talented cast of native Czech actors. The film went on to screen at the 2018 Festival De Cannes Short Film Corner.

Since then, Trash Head has redefined the “stoner” film with it’s feminist tale of Amy, a young weed dealer in New York City. Trash Head now sets their sights on creating new content, such as several horror films in varied stages of production.

Trash Head’s goal is to continually put out new and exciting content, from numerous young directors, exploring stories and characters often not seen in media.